Moyra’s continuously expanding product range currently offers you over 100 stamping plates that feature a variety of highly detailed patterns.  There is not a single person who cannot find a favorite among nearly 2000 large-sized patterns, most of which are suitable to cover the entire nail or artificial nail.  The secret of nail stamping, however, lies not only in the learning of the technique, but also in using quality tools and accessories while creating nail art decorations, which allow you to easily create fabulous patterns on your nails even at home.

Stamping head is the most important tool that is available in various sizes and types. But how do you know which one is the ideal choice for you?  Let’s have a look at some examples  without aiming to be exhaustive! Moyra Stamper No. 03has two medium firm high quality silicone heads, which are ideal to the depth of the Moyra plates. The smaller, 2 cm head is recommended when stamping on smaller nails or with white nail polish. The stamping heads and body of Moyra Duo-Clear Stamper No. 13are fully clear which allow perfect positioning, as – looking through the handle – you can clearly see where to place the pattern. Its crystal clear design does not even cast a shadow on the surface to be stamped. The two stamping heads of different size are ideal for picking up even smaller patterns. The relatively large diameter of Moyra PiXL Clear stamper No. 12offers an even wider perspective, which allows you to clearly see the entire area to be stamped and its surroundings as well.  Using the stamping head of 35 mm diameter of stamper piXL Clear, large patterns of Moyra stamping plates can be stamped on extra-long nails, too.

Shape cards are optional accessories for nail art stamping, which allow the patterns of Moyra stamping plates to be stamped in smaller sizes and in specific shapes.   They are really easy and handy to use: select a pattern from the plate, apply nail polish on it, and scrape off the excess, as usual. Quickly place the shape card on the plate so that only the desired section is visible.  Stamping through shape cards makes the stamper pick up only this specific section of the pattern, which will, then, be transferred to the nails.

Scraper is an essential accessory while stamping. The thickness and flexibility of scrapers have been designed to allow perfect use with Moyra stamping nail polishes and are adjusted to the hollows of Moyra stamping plates.  The scraper evenly distributes the nail polish in the hollows of the patterns and fully removes the excess.

For your convenience and to protect your plates, use Moyra stamping plate holder of your favorite color.  It is a nice and practical holder that allows you to keep your stamping plates in a transparent and well-arranged way, whether you use them at home or in a salon. It provides proper protection against scratches and contamination, its size has been adjusted to stamping plates, and is able to fit a maximum of 20 stamping plates. Its embossed surface gives it a classy appearance.

If you prefer to take care of your tools, we recommend you to use stamping plate and stamping head cleaners, as well as liquid tape that is of great help while performing the follow-up works of stamping.

If you already have all tools you need, but you are not fully familiar with the technique, or wish to get acquainted with intermediate-level color transition stamping, please visit website, where you will find our video courses delivered to you by our internationally recognized instructors, which are available with subtitles in 4 different languages. 

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