Get to know one of the new „best selling” products of nail artists, which can be used in several ways.

The Moyra Fusion Acrylgel features the best characteristics of both acrylics and gel system. It is stronger than gel, and more flexible than acrylics. Due to its very thick consistency, it does not flow.

It is easy to use, after placing on the nail, it can be arbitrarily shaped for any length of time before binding, does not burn, it is more flexible than porcelain and can be bent. You can make nails of any length using a template.

Moyra Fusion Acrylgel

Compatible with all nail building materials, can also be used with other systems, acrylic or gel nails can be filled with Moyra Fusion Acrylgel too. Its surface can also be covered with UV gel, color gels and gel polish, any nail decoration technique can be applied to the surface. It cures in both UV and LED light.

Moyra Fusion Acrylgel

Watch this video on our YouTube channel, in which we present, how to apply Moyra Fusion Acrylgel.

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Moyra Fusion Acrylgel


Create clear, natural-looking or French nails with carefully selected shades of Moyra Acrylgel, but it’s a perfect choice for extending the nail bed too. Now, we put together for you the necessary colours as a set for perfect Baby Boomer nails. In the Moyra Fusion Acrylgel Baby Boomer trial set you can find 5-gram packages of four different shades.

Moyra Fusion Acrylgel

Click and get our exclusive, new product, the Moyra Fusion Acrylgel Baby Boomer trial set.

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