We created Wintertime stamping plate for winter lovers! In addition to the typical motifs of the season, you will also find plenty of Christmas patterns on it to make your manicure perfect not only in winter, but also during the holiday! The snowman, the ice skater polar bear, the cute penguin are all waiting for […]

Bird box

Beautiful birds from all over the world! On our Bird box stamping plate, we have collected our favorite birds for you: you can find hummingbirds, storks, owls and ducklings on it, with pretty flowers and plants. You can combine amazing patterns with any colour and accessory to create elegant, trendy, striking, restrained or even playful […]

Fabric Texture 2

You will get never be bored of the trendy sweater patterns which you can find on our latest stamping plate for the really cool autumn and winter days. Get to know the special and detailed patterns of the stamping plate No. 99 Fabric Texure 2 and “dress” your nails in the cold weather in a […]

Green leaves 2

The second edition of the highly successful stamping plate with graceful and elegant flowers, leaves and plants. Please welcome meticulously crafted, charming and trendy patterns from an imaginary botanical garden. You can watch many online nail art stamping tutorials and courses on


No professional experience is required to enjoy these Moyra Nail Art Stamping System videos, just a passion for nail art and colours in general. Every nail art design presented here is easy to recreate and the steps are simple to follow.

Easy Gel Painting Technique with Stamping | Moyra Nail School Ep. 7

In this episode of Moyra Nail School, Vivien presents a new, useful and outstandingly versatile stamping plate. She will create the contours (which serve as a base for gel painting) in just the blink of an eye with this stamping plate. The appropriate arrangement of designs and aesthetically pleasing shapes are necessary for a harmonic composition, when it comes to painting with gels, gel polishes, acrylics or watercolour.

Painting a snowman easily | Moyra Nail School Ep. 6

In this episode of Moyra Nail School Vivien will teach you a gel painting technique that is easy to master even for beginners. You only need a bit of patience accompanied by the appropriate tools and materials. Prepare your nail art brush and painting gels.

Cute 3D bug on your nail – step by step! | Moyra Nail School Ep. 5

In this episode of Moyra Nail School you can learn about the technique Vivien used to create a highly popular, awe-inspiring decoration. She will show what the exact steps you need to take are, and also shows you the materials and products she recommends for a decoration like this!

How to Stamp with Combined Techniques | Moyra Nail School Ep. 4

In this episode of Moyra Nail School we will show you how to combine exquisite stamping designs with beautiful decoration techniques. Ági will teach you how to use the No. 65 PERFECT MATCH stamping plate’s unique layout to its fullest and mix in pigment powders, Magic Foils and Foil Gel Polishes to make your mani stand out that much more!