Easy Gel Painting Technique with Stamping | Moyra Nail School Ep. 7

In this episode of Moyra Nail School, Vivien presents a new, useful and outstandingly versatile stamping plate. She will create the contours (which serve as a base for gel painting) in just the blink of an eye with this stamping plate. The appropriate arrangement of designs and aesthetically pleasing shapes are necessary for a harmonic composition, when it comes to painting with gels, gel polishes, acrylics or watercolour. Using the many leaves, flowers and other decorative elements on our new stamping plate, No. 70 Footprints 2 allows for professional gel painting! You can also use this plate in the traditional way for colourful layered stamping. Check out this video for Vivien’s step by step tutorial on gel painting!

Painting a snowman easily | Moyra Nail School Ep. 6

In this episode of Moyra Nail School Vivien will teach you a gel painting technique that is easy to master even for beginners. You only need a bit of patience accompanied by the appropriate tools and materials. Prepare your nail art brush and painting gels. This snowman mani was created with non-cleansing Artistic painting gels, but you can use SuperShine gels or Painting gels too. Our step by step tutorial shows you every milestone of the path to a cute, smiling snowman!