Spider gel

As the name of the plate shows, with this plate you will be able to create trendy, “spider gel-like” designs in seconds. Its advantage is that you can stamp all lines at once, and you don’t need either gel or UV lamp! You can stamp this plate with different Moyra materials: you can use stamping nail polish, foil polish or even stamping gel polish, foil gel polish. Using the fantastic wide range of Moyra nail polishes and gel polishes, you can reach different effects, that are difficult with regular spider gels.


You can find Russian words, symbols, cyrillic letters and different expressions with varied sizes and fonts. They can be combined with other type of stamping patterns, airy aquarelle, nail art sticker or gel painting. With this special stamping plate we would like to be kind to the Russian speaking fans of stamping nail decoration.

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Viva verde

A new Moyra stamping plate arrived with the beauty of the nature, fauna and flora which are really worth to care about. The motives propagate environmental protection in a cheerful way, and call our attention to awareness. This stamping plate is full of cute small birds, diligent bees and flowers, and you can use this stamping plate in any of the seasons. For the autumn-winter season, beside the sleepy owls also some funny motives are appearing. 

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If you are concerned about  environment protection, we would like to draw your attention to the brand new Moyra stamping plate! Its special patterns remind us on the beauty and vulnerability of the nature. You can easily recognise this plate from its special, matte, blue-green box. Among its motives, you can find the most characteristic shapes and labels with which you can send a message to the world. 

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With Norka’s amasing design we are showing how versatile the new Moyra stamping plate No. 80 Magneto is. We are offering it not only for magnetic or traditional stamping, but its patterns are beatiful also with pigment powder. Norka prepared a black-gold and a black-silver combination this time, but it’s up to your fantasy which shades you want to you. For similar nail art we recommend Moyra Foil Polish which is designed to use with Magic foil and pigment powder!

Master Plan

The designs of No. 72 MASTER PLAN stamping plate are beautiful by themselves, but they can also be nicely combined with other nail techniques, as Alexa did in her work.
You can stamp these designs with stamping polish, but if you are willing to experiment, then try them with Foil Polish and Stamping Gel Polish, as they look special with powder and foil! In addition, this plate can guide your hand: stamp the deisgns on nails and then redraw the lines with colour gel.


New stickers have arrived with fabulous designs: the most beautiful  butterflies, flowers and roses with unique designs for the winter season. They can be used on the whole surface of the nail or just a part of it and are easy to use: dip them into water for a few seconds and they are ready to be put on your nails. Use them on natural nails, gel polishes or built nails – the results will be stunning all the same!

Footprints 2

It’s recommended for layered colour stamping. Create colourful designs on your nails in just a few simple steps by stamping the base, the contour and the fine shading and detail lines all found on the plate next to each other! Find a variety of leaf motifs to frame the flowers! What’s special about this plate is that you can paint the contours with colour gels or any other technique. One especially demanding thing about gel painting is drawing the outlines. Not anymore! With this plate, it’s easier than ever!


This nail art stamping plate is filled with the beauty of forests and all the typical motifs of this cold season of fallen leaves. Some spider 🕷designs associated with Halloween are also available on the FOREST plate in addition to the crops, flowers, the owl🦉 and the deer🦌 – all must-haves for a gorgeous autumn mani! This new plate from Moyra is a little bit mystical, a little bit tale-like, and extremely special!

Foil Gel Polish with Moyra Nail Art Foil

Moyra Stamping Gel Polish with Acrylic Powder

Moyra Stamping Gel Polish with Pigment Powder