New stamping plate has arrived! No. 103 Designer

Create unique nails with fashionable patterns of our new stamping plate! Combine the motifs or make trendy nail decorations with layered stamping. Read More

New from Moyra! Easy Transfer Foil – 4 new colours!

New, glamorously beautiful colours have arrived from the metallically shiny Moyra Easy Transfer Foil! Use the new pink, magenta, purple or turquoise colours alone or in combination with each other for an extravagant result! It is also an excellent choice for effecting stamping patterns!Read More


We created Wintertime stamping plate for winter lovers! In addition to the typical motifs of the season, you will also find plenty of Christmas patterns on it to make your manicure perfect not only in winter, but also during the holiday! The snowman, the ice skater polar bear, the cute penguin are all waiting for you, choose one of the detailed patterns of Christmas trees, gift packages or snowflakes next to it!

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Bird box

Beautiful birds from all over the world! On our Bird box stamping plate, we have collected our favorite birds for you: you can find hummingbirds, storks, owls and ducklings on it, with pretty flowers and plants. You can combine amazing patterns with any colour and accessory to create elegant, trendy, striking, restrained or even playful and childish nails.

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Fabric Texture 2

You will get never be bored of the trendy sweater patterns which you can find on our latest stamping plate for the really cool autumn and winter days. Get to know the special and detailed patterns of the stamping plate No. 99 Fabric Texure 2 and “dress” your nails in the cold weather in a checkered, knitted or even Scandinavian patterned sweater!

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Green leaves 2

The second edition of the highly successful stamping plate with graceful and elegant flowers, leaves and plants. Please welcome meticulously crafted, charming and trendy patterns from an imaginary botanical garden.

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Big in Japan

Do you like Eastern culture and its special mood, are you maybe a fan of it? If you could not travel a lot this summer, you can feel like being in Japan for a moment with the help of the new Big in Japan stamping plate. You can find special motifs, beautiful flowers, bamboo plants and iconic geisha of Eastern culture. Stay with us on this trip in our imagination and find your favourite stamping pattern on our stamping plate inspired by Japan! Sayonara!

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Dolce Vita

Summer is here, it’s time for relaxation and recreation. Enjoy life and surprise yourself with this stamping plate, you can create a playful manicure with it! On this nail stamping plate you can find the most popular cakes, the favourite coffe patterns, delicate food, drink and symbols from playing cards. It’s a real treasure for the ones who like nail stamping. Try yourself as well, you can be addected without feeling guilty!

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Blossometry 2

This nail stamping plate is a combination of stylish, geometric shapes and romantic flowers. Stamping plate Blossometry is contiuously successful due to its motives, so we surprise you with new stamping patterns! With its help you can stamp trendy, geometric shapes on your nails with straight lines, which are like jewels thanks to flowers!

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The Moyra No. 92 Stampunk thematic nail stamping plate with its special patterns has a steampunk style. There are typical motives on the plate, like chains, antic watches, gears, keys and many other smaller and larger patterns. To reach a metallic effect and a very spectacular result, use it with Magic or Easy foils, or effect the stamped patterns with Mirror powder!

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Moyra stamping plate No. 91 Spicery is  full of natural and light, flower and leaf patterns which can be stamped on their own or you can add other nail art techniques like gel painting, aquarelle or Moyra stickers. We brought to you the plants of a charming botanical garden on this stamping plate, so that you can represent this trendy, clean direction.

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Cuts 2

Nail art inspiration for stamping plate Cuts 2.
Try the Moyra stamping plate Cuts 2 which includes different arcs and forms, it will help you to prepare your French manicure properly.
It’s different from the stamping plate No. 60 CUTS because of the motives! If you like geometric forms, you will surely find your favourite which – with some fantasy – you can upgrade with some glitter, crystal stone, or you can stamp with different colours. The squares and other shapes are marvellous if you cover them with nail foil! Moyra stamping plate Cuts 2 is a stamping plate with very trendy patterns, with the motives you can extend your gel painting or sticker decoration!

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Spider gel

As the name of the plate shows, with this plate you will be able to create trendy, “spider gel-like” designs in seconds. Its advantage is that you can stamp all lines at once, and you don’t need either gel or UV lamp! You can stamp this plate with different Moyra materials: you can use stamping nail polish, foil polish or even stamping gel polish, foil gel polish. Using the fantastic wide range of Moyra nail polishes and gel polishes, you can reach different effects, that are difficult with regular spider gels.


Various inscriptions, funny illustrations and trendy patterns on one stamping plate! Stamp these smileys on your fingernails, and give us a like if you wish!

We used Moyra stamping plate No. 85 Stampchat for instance in our online course: Trendy nail art in bright colours, cartoon style.

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You can find Russian words, symbols, cyrillic letters and different expressions with varied sizes and fonts. They can be combined with other type of stamping patterns, airy aquarelle, nail art sticker or gel painting. With this special stamping plate we would like to be kind to the Russian speaking fans of stamping nail decoration.

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Viva verde

A new Moyra stamping plate arrived with the beauty of the nature, fauna and flora which are really worth to care about. The motives propagate environmental protection in a cheerful way, and call our attention to awareness. This stamping plate is full of cute small birds, diligent bees and flowers, and you can use this stamping plate in any of the seasons. For the autumn-winter season, beside the sleepy owls also some funny motives are appearing. 

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If you are concerned about  environment protection, we would like to draw your attention to the brand new Moyra stamping plate! Its special patterns remind us on the beauty and vulnerability of the nature. You can easily recognise this plate from its special, matte, blue-green box. Among its motives, you can find the most characteristic shapes and labels with which you can send a message to the world. 

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With Norka’s amasing design we are showing how versatile the new Moyra stamping plate No. 80 Magneto is. We are offering it not only for magnetic or traditional stamping, but its patterns are beatiful also with pigment powder. Norka prepared a black-gold and a black-silver combination this time, but it’s up to your fantasy which shades you want to you. For similar nail art we recommend Moyra Foil Polish which is designed to use with Magic foil and pigment powder!