Spider gel

As the name of the plate shows, with this plate you will be able to create trendy, “spider gel-like” designs in seconds. Its advantage is that you can stamp all lines at once, and you don’t need either gel or UV lamp! You can stamp this plate with different Moyra materials: you can use stamping nail polish, foil polish or even stamping gel polish, foil gel polish. Using the fantastic wide range of Moyra nail polishes and gel polishes, you can reach different effects, that are difficult with regular spider gels.


Various inscriptions, funny illustrations and trendy patterns on one stamping plate! Stamp these smileys on your fingernails, and give us a like if you wish!

We used Moyra stamping plate No. 85 Stampchat for instance in our online course: Trendy nail art in bright colours, cartoon style.

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You can find Russian words, symbols, cyrillic letters and different expressions with varied sizes and fonts. They can be combined with other type of stamping patterns, airy aquarelle, nail art sticker or gel painting. With this special stamping plate we would like to be kind to the Russian speaking fans of stamping nail decoration.

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Viva verde

A new Moyra stamping plate arrived with the beauty of the nature, fauna and flora which are really worth to care about. The motives propagate environmental protection in a cheerful way, and call our attention to awareness. This stamping plate is full of cute small birds, diligent bees and flowers, and you can use this stamping plate in any of the seasons. For the autumn-winter season, beside the sleepy owls also some funny motives are appearing. 

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If you are concerned about  environment protection, we would like to draw your attention to the brand new Moyra stamping plate! Its special patterns remind us on the beauty and vulnerability of the nature. You can easily recognise this plate from its special, matte, blue-green box. Among its motives, you can find the most characteristic shapes and labels with which you can send a message to the world. 

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This nail art stamping plate is filled with the beauty of forests and all the typical motifs of this cold season of fallen leaves. Some spider 🕷designs associated with Halloween are also available on the FOREST plate in addition to the crops, flowers, the owl🦉 and the deer🦌 – all must-haves for a gorgeous autumn mani! This new plate from Moyra is a little bit mystical, a little bit tale-like, and extremely special!


On the No. 68 BUG-HUNTER plate you will find some jewelry-like motifs of various insects like  butterflies, dragonflies and other little things. Preparing for Halloween in the fall, we also wanted to please the spider-lovers with the several different spiders on the plate. The size of the designs allows them to be stamped in distinct layouts, like stamping only their edges for a unique effect! Try the designs with Magic foil and crystal stones for the really sparkling and metallic jewel effect!

We believe in magic

A stamping plate for those who still believe in fairy tales and miracles, who love colours and glimmering. Not only can you find unicorns on this plate though, some examples of the new craze, cute llamas are present as well! Let this plate charm you with its fairy tale-like designs that look pretty even on short nails. Get yourself one of this brand new, fabulous member of Moyra’s mini stamping plate series!


Create unique, colourful stamped designs with Moyra’s new stamping plate No. 67 Footprints in just two simple steps! Every design on the plate comes in a pair of two: a base and its outline. Stamp the base with a simple colour or a gradient, then stamp the outline on top of it with a different colour! The outlines can be used on their own, too!

Perfect Match

The Moyra Nail Art Stamping Plate No. 65 Perfect Match is the result of collecting and pairing some unique designs. You will find patchwork-like designs, animals and flowers paired together and some vintage combinations as well. Beautiful designs in every style that you can create unique nail art with.
The distinctly separated parts and details can be coloured spectacularly, and later be covered with effect powder or foil! We recommend using Aqua Top Coat for coating, so that the fine lines all remain perfect!


Moyra Nail Art Stamping Plate No. 62 Metropolitan was inspired by the sparkling city life’s ever-changing nature. It’s a modern, versatile plate that can be used all year round, regardless of the season! Its highly detailed designs bring you ever closer to the urban lifestyle. Try it with the brand new water base SP Aqua Top Coat, the perfect choice for covering stamped nails; not even the thinnest of designs will dissolve with it anymore!