It’s only a few days till the loving Christmas holiday arrives, which – at best – everyone is already preparing for, but let’s face it, in most cases we find the perfect Christmas gifts in the last minutes.

Among our latest products, you will find many that could be ideal for your mother, sister or a friend under the tree! Let us introduce the best Moyra gift tips!

You can make glittery nails for yourself in minutes with the Nail Art Home Kits No. 01 and No. 02. We have placed our set in a strikingly decorative, glittering box, which hides special treasures for making your manicure! The beautiful box will look magnificently, even without decoration, if you surprise your mother, friend or sister on her birthday, and it will look especially fabulous under the Christmas tree with the cozy lights!

Moyra Nail  Art Home sets

A great gift especially for children, the Moyra Kids child-friendly nail polish collection, an odorless, water-based, safe and non-toxic, non-flammable formula that can be easily removed with warm water and soap. Because of its listed properties, little girls and parents alike love the nail polishes available in cheerful, vibrant and glittery colors, which are also available in sets on our website! Cheerful fun with vibrant, glittery colors!

Nail stamping looks amazing, and the preparation is also extremely exciting! It is a pleasure to wear and make at the same time, because once you learn the right technique, you can’t stop doing it. Among the detailed designs of our more than a hundred stamping plates, you are sure to find the one that best reflects your personality!

We created our stamping plate No. 101 Wintertime for winter lovers! In addition to the typical motifs of the season, you will also find plenty of Christmas patterns on it to make your manicure perfect not only in winter, but also during the holiday! The snowman, the ice skater polar bear, the cute penguin are all waiting for you, choose one of the detailed Christmas trees, gift packages or snowflakes next to it!

Moyra stamping plate 101 Wintertime Inspiration

You can also find similar patterns on our large stamping plates No. 85 Boxing day, No. 71. Frozen, No. 57 Winter is here, and No. 36 Winter is coming, as well as our mini stamping plate No. 122 Let it snow!

Glitter and shine are almost mandatory in winter, Christmas and New Year’s Eve, and who wouldn’t be happy about a little extra glitter under the tree? Here you will find plenty of glitter, pigment and effect powder!

In cold weather it is essential to care for your nails and cuticles, for which you will find special, vitamin- and mineral-rich nail polish bases and fragrant nail and skin care products in beautiful packaging, so it is a brilliant gift in itself!

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