Before you read it, get ready, as the topic of our blog post will be really “scary”! Our theme this time is Halloween, which holidaymakers usually prepare from the beginning of October.

Scary, terrible costumes, glowing pumpkin lanterns, and the fame of „trick or treat” game. For a perfect costume, some can go for days, make terrifying hairstyles all day and carve the funniest pumpkins. There is only one thing missing for the perfect Halloween mood! The “scariest” manicure you’ve ever seen.

Among Moyra’s products, there are plenty of things you can do to make amazing Halloween nails. If you don’t like artificial nails, then our Glow in the dark nail polish was invented for you. This nail polish is charged with sunlight, if painted during the day, then it’s almost colorless, but shines wonderfully at night. It has a special phosphorescent effect on a light base and in several layers. It can even be used as a topcoat, its durability and gloss can be increased by using other topcoats.

If you are a believer in artificial nails, choose our Starlite coloured UV gel, which has the same effect as the aforementioned nail polish, curing only in UV light. During the day it is a perfect shiny base, for which you can use any nail decorator, you can combine it with any additional colour. Wear-resistant UV gel with extremely good coverage, suitable for coating and decorating artificial nails.

In our wide selection of stamping plates, of course, you will find some that is a great choice when preparing for Halloween. For example, on our autumn-themed stamping plates No. 55 Fall and No. 83 Fall in love, you’ll find everything you need for a perfect manicure for this holiday: happy and evil pumpkin lanterns, dancing cute skeletons, tiny ghosts and horrible cobwebs and spiders, even combined with inscriptions.

If you don’t like overly themed patterns and nail polishes, choose your favorite fall shade from our new mini gel polishes! Look for our products in the webshop!

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