Moyra Nail stickers (self-adhesive) No. 20

3.14 $

Bring out the wonderfully colourful autumn and magical winter with our self-adhesive stickers hiding various trendy inscriptions and lovely patterns! They are easy to use: all you have to do is to place your favorite stickers on your natural or built nails and then cover them.



Nail Sticker in different sizes and favourite colours. Moyra Nail stickers No. 20 can be used on natural nails, gel polish and surface of artificial nails as well. It’s self-adhesive, extremely easy to use. The sticker of chosen size has to be placed on the nail, then it should be covered for longevity. We recommend SP Aqua Top Coat in case of natural nails, top gel in case of gel polish and UV gel in case of artificial nails.

The size of the sheets is 8 x 10 cm.

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