Incredibly flexible and durable material! It makes the work easy, it can replace nail extension with nail form. Simple and quick use! Moyra Tip Glue Gel I. developed for the top should be applied on the prepared nails as a base layer. After 30 second of curing and applying the second layer, the proper sized tip needs to be placed on the nail, 1-2 mm away from the cuticle, then it has to be cured. After curing, the tip can easily be filed, then after matting, it can be covered with gel polish and decoration. Tips can be shortened, shaped, filed easily!

Shapes: Coffin, Stiletto
Box contains tips of 10 different sizes
Unit size: 500 pcs/ Box

Shapes: Square, Oval
Box contains tips of 12 different sizes
Unit size: 500 pcs/Box


You can watch many online nail art stamping tutorials and courses on

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