Watercolour painting doesn’t seem simple, but it’s an easy-to-learn, successful decorating technique that results amazingly beautiful nails. Not everyone will be professional at first, but if we devote the right amount of time and energy to it, we can paint easily wonderful, painting-like, artistic patterns for our guests or even ourselves. Before you get started, you should read the following to find out what are the rules you should follow and what are the steps you need to avoid in order to make a beautiful watercolour painting.

What are the rules to follow when painting with watercolours, and what not to do if you choose this decoration technique? In answering these questions, we were assisted by Andrea Szalay “Norka”, an international nail art teacher, professional consultant and trainer who professionally applies and teaches watercolour painting in everyday life.

Watercolour painting

What should you pay attention to when using watercolour?

  1. Use thinly the paint developed for decoration, as it is not a top coat.
  2. Always keep the surface you are painting clean and matte.
  3. Dilute the watercolour paint with water.
  4. After finishing the work, it is worth covering the nails decorated with watercolour painting in two layers.
  5. Only paint on light surfaces with it because you will not see the watercolour properly on a dark base colour.

What not to do when decorating with watercolour?

  1. Do not use watercolour too thick.
  2. After drying, do not grasp and touch the pattern as it will smear. The watercolour dissolves on all moisture.
  3. Do not touch the surface before painting, as the paint will not adhere to it.
  4. Do not use white for color mixing, as it takes the shine of the paint and is not suitable for shading.
  5. Do not use the paint in more than one coat as it will dissolve itself so the previously painted pattern will blur.

Watercolour painting

Norka paints a lot of amazing patterns with Mijello for Moyra watercolours, which are available in sets or mini-palettes. “I love Mijello for Moyra watercolour, because the products available in the set and palette are also excellent in terms of price / value. The artistic watercolour is very highly pigmented, which is very important for nail decorating if you want to make spectacular patterns. ”

Watch Norka’s tutorial video on Nailstamping.com, which shows you step-by-step how to use the right technique!

Hand painted flower by Norka on a marble base

You can also find more tutorial videos from Norka on our website: courses.nailstamping.com!

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Mijello for Moyra Watercolour mini set No. 01

Do you like it? Try the Mijello for Moyra watercolour set or the mini-palette!

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I just love the artsy photo from Norka Andrea with the bird and flowers. I have been looking for a real elegant art stamping plate. This would make a wonderful stamping plate for art lovers. Hope this will happen.

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