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  • Face masks

    Face masks (2)

  • Stamping system

    Stamping system (281)

  • Nail polish

    Nail polish (317)

  • Gel polish

    Gel polish (104)

  • HEMA-free gel polish

    HEMA-free gel polish (26)

    The new HEMA-free product line offers a solution for people with sensitive nails and skin! The gel polish base, top coat and the beautiful, 24 highly pigmented, fashionable colour allow its use without irritating additives for those who suffer from painful, allergic skin and therefore have not been able to enjoy the possibilities of gel polish, the long-lasting nail decoration.
  • Fusion Acrylgels

    Fusion Acrylgels (28)

    The Moyra Fusion Acrylgels feature the best characteristics of both acrylic and gel system. It is stronger than gel, and more flexible than acrylics. Due to its very thick consistency, it does not flow, can be shaped for as long as necessary, it is odourless and pinchable.
  • Reverse Dual tips

    Reverse Dual tips (3)

    Our latest product, available in two types, makes it easier and faster to sculpt nails with Moyra Fusion Acrylgel!
  • Colour gels

    Colour gels (174)

    Moyra Gel colours
  • Colour acrylics

    Colour acrylics (171)

    Extra finely grinded, highly pigmented colour acrylics for perfect covering, bright colours and easy applying. In the unusually wide colour selection you can find matte, neon, metal, pearly and glitter colours.
  • Nail art

    Nail art (314)

  • Brushes and files

    Brushes and files (36)

    Moyra Brushes and Files
  • Metal tools

    Metal tools (5)

  • Gel polish top coats

    Gel polish top coats (6)

  • Builder gels

    Builder gels (24)

  • Acrylic powders

    Acrylic powders (8)

    Very fine acrylic powder in clear, white, natural white, cover pink, shimmering cover pink, soft pink and dark pink colours, which suit for the different colours of natural nails. They guarantee perfect adhesion, no yellowing, but strong and flexible artificial nails. Due to their fine grinding – if used in the right powder-liquid ratio –, they are easy to form and to level nicely and evenly. It is simple to form nice sharp smile lines and C-curves with them. Their drying speed is medium, optimal for most users.