New stickers have arrived with fabulous designs: the most beautifulย  butterflies, flowers and roses with unique designs for the winter season. They can be used on the whole surface of the nail or just a part of it and are easy to use: dip them into water for a few seconds and they are ready to be put on your nails. Use them on natural nails, gel polishes or built nails – the results will be stunning all the same!

Footprints 2

It’s recommended for layered colour stamping. Create colourful designs on your nails in just a few simple steps by stamping the base, the contour and the fine shading and detail lines all found on the plate next to each other! Find a variety of leaf motifs to frame the flowers! What’s special about this plate is that you can paint the contours with colour gels or any other technique. One especially demanding thing about gel painting is drawing the outlines. Not anymore! With this plate, it’s easier than ever!