This nail art stamping plate is filled with the beauty of forests and all the typical motifs of this cold season of fallen leaves. Some spider 🕷designs associated with Halloween are also available on the FOREST plate in addition to the crops, flowers, the owl🦉 and the deer🦌 – all must-haves for a gorgeous autumn mani! This new plate from Moyra is a little bit mystical, a little bit tale-like, and extremely special!


On the No. 68 BUG-HUNTER plate you will find some jewelry-like motifs of various insects like  butterflies, dragonflies and other little things. Preparing for Halloween in the fall, we also wanted to please the spider-lovers with the several different spiders on the plate. The size of the designs allows them to be stamped in distinct layouts, like stamping only their edges for a unique effect! Try the designs with Magic foil and crystal stones for the really sparkling and metallic jewel effect!